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Sire: KC Name:  Rottphoenix Iolo

Dam: KC Name: Rottphoenix Orchid

SIRE: Rottphoenix lolo

(Sire: Balou Vom Norderdiek x Dam: Heidi Vom Bakino(Imp)

Hip Score ADRK HD -

Elbow Score ADRK ED -

JLPP - Clear (non carrier)

V rated under German judge. A unique bloodline in the UK - the only son of Klubseiger who was himself also son of Klubseiger with his pedigree in the UK.

100% German Bloodlines - unique in the UK

DAM: Rottphoenix Orchid

(Sire: Vitus Vom Hause Neubrand x Dam: Hausebecker Vom Leola)

Hip Score BVA 3:2

Elbow Score BVA 1

Rottphoenix Rottweilers are proud to announce our new litter

**** Licensed Breeder 19/01066/AWDB with 4 star rating from May 2019 to May 2021 ****

Balou Vom Norderdeck & Vitus Vom Hause Neubrand direct progeny.  Both IPO3, both HD & ED Frei, Both Korung, Both Klubsieger, Three Clubsieger in first three generations, all puppy enquiries welcome

Email jonathan.becker@btinternet.com

Phone 07999 339391

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